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    Spring is coming

    Pika Landscapes

    Pika Landscapes approached us to lead the redesign of an established landscaping business after a recent change of ownership. With more business- and brand-savvy than its peers, Pika’s future is looking bright orange.

    The task

    Most landscaping businesses look exactly like one would imagine. Their identities use leaf or tree icons, and one of 50 shades of green to try to stand out from a competition that worked off the same brief. The general lack of differentiation was the biggest challenge to overcome for this brand identity redesign.

    The solution

    Given that the new owner of this established, local landscaping company not only has a background in landscape architecture, but also a history in business and marketing, the company was already distinct on the inside. With a distinct and professional appearance that appeals to both Pika’s high net-worth clients as well as the general contractors and professionals who account for most of the referral business, Pika is now set for all seasons.

    Differentiation is the art of being different without alienating your audience.

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