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    The only thing worse than losing your memory is not creating new ones

    The Village

    The Village is the first true dementia village in Canada. We developed the brand identity for this new, more meaningful approach to memory care.

    The task

    In a society that often values youth over age, and equates life’s purpose with producing, aging is often treated as an illness. And elders with dementia or memory loss are still frequently confined to “care” in depressing medical wards. As a developer of senior care facilities, Canbrit – inspired by similar communities in Europe and the US – set out to build Canada’s first true dementia village. In order to resonate with families, we knew The Village’s brand and message had to connect with audiences experiencing the stress of having a loved one suffer from memory loss.

    The solution

    Blending contemporary nostalgia with a sense of adventure, we designed an identity that reflects the quaint and welcoming character of the small community. We wanted to show how people with dementia are free to explore and enjoy their surroundings within the safety and comfort of a secure setting; have a great day, every day; and experience well-being, purpose, and fulfillment, no matter their age or limitations.

    The Village's identity balances contemporary nostalgia with a sense of adventure, to reflect the quaint and welcoming character of the small community.

    No matter what age or limitations, The Village believes that everyone can have a great day every day.

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